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Side mounted drip well
Can be attached to the side of an ice cream cabinet or soda fountain. Includes stainless steel shut off valve at the base of inlet tube. All stainless steel.

PLB-01060  Side mounted drip well             $89.10

PLB-01136  Faucet alone                                $17.82

Door Closers for walk in boxes

Can be attached to walk in box doors to help keep doors shut tight and avoid food spoilage.

HWR-21199  * Flush mounted                       $52.56

HWR-21198  **  1 1/8" Offset                        $52.56

*     Flush is when the door fits in the frame and is flush
**   Offset is when the door sticks out from the frame.

Teflon coated light bulbs

These are not ordinary light bulbs. The Teflon coating keeps glass in place when broken and will not contaminate food. (Health department approved.)

HAT-01096      Teflon coated 60W  115V    $6.75

MRC-01033      Teflon coated 40W  115V    $4.00

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